Friday, September 24, 2010

I know i've abandon my blog for a long time, sorry dear readers i will post more often if i have the time.
Camwhored in school the whole week :) Really had fun.
Here, see thatt?

More pictures will be uploaded soon, by the way our English drama ended on Tuesday *phew*. Everyone was awesome, thankyou so much for helping out! :) They will announce the winners next week *drum roll*.
The drama video is in facebook, go watch and give comments.

Did i mention our English teacher Miss Azie left the school already? She's done in teaching us T.T i seriously miss her.
On Thursday was her last day with us, so we throw a stupendous farewell party for her, you had no idea how melancholy everyone was when we heard that she was leaving. As she make her way to the front and gave her last speech, tears almost burst out from the inside. I remembered most is that she said 'you guys are always the best and i'll miss all of you'. *groans* she cried. Why must it always be the good teachers? Like seriously?! Whaiiiiiii...Bytheway, we bought her a gift and made a book for her in remembrance of all of us. In return she gave us a little card. *that's really sweet of her* She was also forced to answer afew questions requested by the students. *moment of truth?* Since it's a party all of us contributed a little by bringing food/drinks/snacks and not to forget there was a never ending camwhore session. =)

Enjoy :)

This is the card Miss Azie gave us =P *she spelled my name wrongly :'(

The presents =)
Finally, the book =D

To an extremely young and cute teacher who always puts a smile on your face everytime you enter our class, who has the initiative to get to know our names, who's been so caring and understanding, who has make enligsh so much more interesting, who motivated me to work harder, who has inspired me in so many ways, who is a pink fanatic, who makes cards for her students, who give away free hugs, who is loved by everyone.
I just want to say THANKYOU from the bottom of my heart. I know i've said 'i'm gonna miss you' heaps of time, but i seriously mean it cause i know that there's not gonna be another teacher that could replace you. So i'm missing you already. Promise you'll never forget us cause if you would we'd never want you to leave.

PS: i'll always remember what you said, 'Respect is the most important thing in life, in order to gain respect you have to show it' Thankyou :D
Remember my awesome face okayy? :))
*hugs and kisses*
More pictures in facebook, and there's a video of Miss Azie opening her prezzie.
Very anxious to know the suspense! :) Will post it soon.

Off to bed now, having tuition tomorrow *Gahhhh*
Byebye =)

XOxo, Jyn

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

am gonna visit Melaka tomorrow...Weeee~

XOxo, Jyn

Monday, September 13, 2010

I've joined tumblr recently. It's quite fun though, my friends kinda influence me to join. *giggles* so here's the link-

XOxo, Jyn

Friday, September 10, 2010